Education 2.0

In the new social, business and economic landscape every industry falls into one of only three groups. Right now your industry or profession a) has been disrupted, b) is being disrupted or c) is about to be disrupted. No industry or business will escape this process which is merely part of the natural cycle of change. The good news is that the other side of disruption is opportunity. An opportunity to consciously design the future economic landscape we want to see.

At the root of this evolution is to build our businesses on values.

As much as any other industry and profession, education is ripe for evolution. Self-managed learning environments have confirmed our knowingness that we are actually born with the desire to learn, and that the industrial model classroom was merely a road block that got in the way. It’s hard to comprehend how an education system can now position a teacher at the front of a classroom and proclaim them to be the font of all knowledge when their...

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