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Alan Lewis is a golf performance consultant, entrepreneur, speaker and author who specialises in the natural cycles of personal and organisational change.

For 30 years he has designed and delivered high impact courses for retail owners and FTSE 100 leaders.

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'Our consumerism economy is out of balance. It's clear that our mental and emotional wellbeing does not depend on how many pairs of jeans we own, but on how comfortable we feel in our own genes.'
Alan Lewis

Reconnect to the Natural Laws of Balance

The current wave of rapid technological and environmental change is driving social and economic uncertainty and causing many executives to experience constant feelings of stress.

With 'App Addictions' fuelling our increasingly frictionless, fast fashion, consumerism culture, we need to reconnect to our humanity to reduce our daily overdose of digital dopamine.

My courses and presentations are designed for open minded company directors who recognise the foundation of sustainable workplace is built on the foundation of wellbeing.

Alan Lewis is a golf performance consultant, entrepreneur speaker and author who specialises in the nantural cycles of personal and organisational change. He is the designer of the next generation of psychometric tools and his upcoming book Estrogen Economics : Why Feminine Values Are Reshaping the Leadership Landscape is due for release Spring 2023.

With 30 years as a corporate trainer and consultant serving both the public sector and FTSE 100's he has advised directors of £4 billion companies and taught thousands of executives and educators how to find balance when navigating the natural cycles of change.

A natural divergent thinker, his multi-functional background in financial, organisational and customer psychology translate into presentations with unique insights that challenge how his audiences think.

What Other Professional Trainers Say

Alan’s understanding of human behaviour ensures his strategies will deliver you more business. If you get a chance to attend one of Alan’s events I recommend you cancel your plans and get there.

Karen Morgan | Trainer, Coach, Speaker

Alan has a unique perspective on the nature of personal, organisational and economic change. His insights into the biology of behaviour have impacted how I recruit and develop our people.

Michael Deaver | Corporate Trainer, Strategic Career Coach

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