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'Driven by mass curriculum education, our mass consumerism economy is out of balance. But our mental wellbeing does not depend on how many pairs of jeans we own, but on how comfortable we feel in our own genes.'
Alan Lewis

About Me

A champion athlete in my teens I was on a path to becoming a PE teacher by studying sports science at Loughborough Uni. When a life detour meant I spent a decade climbing the corporate ladder to become a successful and highly paid trainer and consultant in an EdTech FTSE 100. Unfulfilled, I left to follow my passion for property design and ended up with a 6 bedroom home and a Porsche 911. Then I lost it all.

I pressed pause and rediscoverd my love for sport.
More importantly I rediscovered myself.

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What Other Professional Trainers Say

Alan’s understanding of human behaviour ensures his strategies will deliver you more business. If you get a chance to attend one of Alan’s events I recommend you cancel your plans and get there.

Karen Morgan | Trainer, Coach, Speaker

Alan has a unique perspective on the nature of personal, organisational and economic change. His insights into the biology of behaviour have impacted how I recruit and develop our people.

Michael Deaver | Corporate Trainer, Strategic Career Coach

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