Less Clothes. More Life.

Alan Lewis is a Social Psychology consultant, speaker and author
who teaches socially conscious retailers and consumers about
behavioural economics, personality and life balance.

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'The social dynamics driving fast fashion consumerism is simple. We have, quite literally, lost our sense of balance. The evidence now clearly shows that our mental and emotional wellbeing does not depend on how many pairs of jeans we own, but on how comfortable we feel in our own genes.'
Alan Lewis

Talks to Drive Sustainable Clothing

As technology continues to disrupt brick and mortar retail, the resulting social and economic uncertainty is causing many clothing retailers to experience a constant feeling of stress.

With Amazon and 'App Addictions' fuelling our incresingly frictionless, fast fashion consumerism culture, we need to reconnect to our humanity in order to reduce our daily overdose of digital dopamine.

Alan's presentations are designed for the growing number of socially conscious fashion retailers and consumers who recognise our mental and emotional wellbeing is the foundation of a sustainable industry. His audiences are interested in using behaviourial economics to create a more sustainable wardrobe.

Alan Lewis is a social psychology consultant who specialises in behavioural economics and consumer profiling for the clothing industry. He's creator of the SELFetics™ personality tool and author of upcoming book Estrogen Economics.

His career spans 30 years as a trainer and consultant including 10 years with a FTSE 100 company. During that time he has advised directors of £300 million organisations and taught thousands of executives to save time, money and space by integrating technology with social psychology.

A natural multivert, his multi-functional background in food, fashion and finance retail as well as technology and architecture. His unique insights enable the delivery of high impact presentations that challenge how the clothing consumers and brands think about sustainability and balance.

Alan’s understanding of human behaviour ensures his strategies will deliver you more business. If you get a chance to attend one of Alan’s events I recommend you cancel your plans and get there.

Karen Morgan | Trainer, Coach, Speaker

Alan has a unique perspective on the nature of personal, organisational and economic change. His insights into the biology of behaviour have impacted how I recruit and develop our people.

Michael Deaver | Corporate Trainer, Strategic Career Coach

Conference Speaking

Conference speaking can be delivered as keynotes or breakout sessions and last 30 to 90 minutes. Talks are personalised to your event but focus on the principles of SELFetics.

In House Training

Contracted In House courses on SELFetics are delivered as interactive workshops and last from 60 to 90 minutes sessions. They are suited to company meetings or training days.

Open Courses

Open courses on SELFetics are scheduled and suitable for executives and entrepreneurs. Typically lasting 3 hours, they are delivered as live webinars or interactive workshops.

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