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As technology rapidly disrupts careers, companies and professions, the resulting economical impact causes many executives, employees and entrepreneurs to experience a constant state of stress, overwhelm and confusion. Fortunately a growing number of business leaders recognise that workplace productivity and fulfillment requires a holistic model of wellbeing.

These leaders recognise that both personal and organisational financial stress can be reduced by understanding and adapting to the natural cycles of economic change.

Alan Lewis is a financial educator, therapist and author.  He's also the creator of SELFetics™, a learning tool designed to support his students understand how biochemistry drives our need for balance.

His career spans 30 years as a financial managment consultant and trainer to both the public and private education sector, including 10 years with a FTSE 100 company. During that time he has advised leaders of £300 million Local Authorities, and taught thousands of financial and non-financial professionals to save time, money and space by integrating leading edge technology with game changing psychology.

As a natural systems thinker, his multi-functional background in finance, behavioural economics, technology and property mean he provides unique insights into Integrated Financial Architecture and enable him to deliver high impact presentations that  challenge how his audiences think about money, work and life.

Alan’s understanding of human behaviour ensures his strategies will deliver you more business. If you get a chance to attend one of Alan’s events I recommend you cancel your plans and get there.

Karen Morgan | Trainer, Coach, Speaker

Alan has a unique perspective on the nature of personal, organisational and economic change. His insights into the biology of behaviour have impacted how I recruit and develop our people.

Michael Deaver | Corporate Trainer, Strategic Career Coach

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